Professional Societies, The New Face of Regionalism

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Hampton Roads Quality Management Community (HRQMC), with twenty associations represented from across Hampton Roads, met recently for an agenda of regional strategy. Spokespersons of the chapters introduced themselves to the group with briefs on objectives and goals for the near term. Discussion then framed a road ahead to improve membership and develop regional engagement.

Those in attendance agreed on the need for planning to develop a means for practical collaboration among the associations and recommendations for regional initiatives should be developed.

It was agreed that a common calendar would be established to improve communications and facilitate deconfliction of activities. A joint meeting for all of the associations is scheduled for 10 September, to focus on issues of regional performance.

Keynote speaker at this forum will be Captain Kiestler, Commander, Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Workshops will provide tracks for Leadership and Practitioners on the issues of regional engagement and organizational performance.

Some recommended themes for future joint meetings include:  economic growth and prosperity in Hampton Roads, quality measurement tools, regional government and industry leadership, the region’s economic strategy (Vision Hampton Roads), transportation, industries attracted to Hampton Roads, higher education and building tomorrow’s workforce, manufacturing, social responsibility and community service.

The summit demonstrated significant interest in collaborative activities for benefit of the associations as well as the region overall. There is clearly a large potential for engagement: plans need professional and committed practitioners to deploy supporting initiatives.

Joe Barto, HRQMC, standing moderated the presentations. At the near table: Bob Granata and Tom Chamberlin, SME and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Doug Smith, HRQMC and NNSY, and Tom Ostasiewaki, PMI.Photo credit:  HRQMC

For more information, contact Seth Pillsbury, Director of HRQMC, at

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Hampton Roads Quality Management Community (HRQMC) is a non-profit regional community of practice that promotes organizational excellence through the deployment, execution, and sustainment of continuous improvement initiatives. Their regionalism strategy is to “develop a regional agenda to sustain enterprise continuous improvement deployment activities.” In support of such broad effort, the HRQMC regional context and institutionalized agenda provides the critical cultural elements needed to enable workforce personnel and management to become stakeholders of change.